NCRI-Recommended Service Providers

We do not recommend that your reading specialist do your evaluation or your evaluator become your reading specialist.  We believe this causes a conflict of interest.

Reading Specialists

    • 970-667-3306
      Kim specializes in reading remediation of reading disabilities and is located in Loveland.  She uses Linguistic Remedies for Reading Disabilities by Dr. Barbara Wise and incorporates the use of the whole body and games into tutoring.
    • “Our speech-language and reading therapists design custom care plans based on each child’s needs. They build a special relationship with their clients which helps to ensure a successful outcome…and create a fun experience!”
  • NOCO Dyslexia center uses the Barton reading and spelling program. This exceptional program was released in 1999 and has been proven to be highly effective in several independent, scientific research-based studies. They tutor from age 5 and up, including adults.
  • 303-862-6260
    Dedee is a reading specialist located in the Boulder area.  She uses Modern Phonics to not only get your child reading, but to build their confidence.
“Our goal is to stop the crutch of tutoring by giving our students the tools, confidence and knowledge they need to succeed in math and/or reading – without us.” THL



Peacewolf Advocacy and Consultation Services 
Matt Cloven, founder of Peacewolf Advocacy and Consultation Services (PACS) has been working with adults and youth with disabilities since 2002.  He is certified in Wright’s law and has trained in, “Person Centered Planning.”

Set for Success
Michael Powers is a lawyer with dyslexia who knows how hard it is to qualify and fill out the necessary paperwork to get the accommodations one with a disability has the right to.

The ARC of Larimer County
The ARC is an advocacy group who protects the civil rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through advocacy and education.